Creality 3-in-1 3D Printer CP-01 With CNC and Laser Engraving

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Creality is among one of the best companies in the world which makes affordable DIY 3D printing machines. Creality 3D printers cost starts from 200$-250$ and it is worth the price. I myself use the popular Ender 3 machine from Creality and I am blown away with what all this small but powerful machine can do. Now, Creality is coming up an all new 3-in-1 printer called Creality CP-01 which has CNC, Laser Engraving and 3D printing all under one machine. 

creality cp 01

If you a maker or DIY enthu then you are going to love this machine. Yes, you heard that right, Creality is going to issue a latest semi-DIY machine CP-01, which integrates 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC carving. Creality’s Ender 3D is already the most preferred 3D printer in the world because of its affordable price, build size and printing quality when compared to price. But it is often required that we sometime need laser and CNC along with 3D printing when we are working on an end-to-end product. With CP-01 we can do all 3 just fine with no time. I am very sure it will still be in the price range where a maker can afford it.

Creality CP-01 Features

3D printing mode

With heated bed supporting the maximum temperature up to 100℃, and nozzle temperature up to 250℃, the CP-01 is compatible with various filaments, PLA, ABS, TPU and etc. Creality 3D engineers draw on strengths and seek on increasing perfection as a result of proven technique on CP-01. Meticulous prints come into your sight with high precision and refined texture. 

creality cp01

Laser engraving mode

Under the laser engraving mode, perfection can be macroscopical. Precise localization and fine carving ensure accuracy to the largest extend. It supports laser head of different voltage, and various materials such as wood, paper, plastic, and leather.

creality cp01

CNC carving mode

Everything is oblivious except swiftness under the CNC carving mode. Each shoot hits the target with deadly accuracy. Rapid revolving speed achieves in zero error. It maximizes the possibility of no seams on prints. It also support various materials such as wood, paper, PCB, and plastics.

creality cp01

Printing Size (Build Area)

With all the three enhanced functionalities mentioned above, CREALITY 3D CP-01 must be designed to expand infinite possibilities. How about printing space?
200*200*200cm! Is there any printers boarding such a big printing size when being endowed with powerful functions at the same time? 

creality cp01

The CP-01 intelligent module machine is undoubtedly very attractive to DIY players. All leather conveyor safeguards mold quality. High standard V-shape profile assist stable operation. Having a CP-01 intelligent module machine is equivalent to having a 3D printer, a laser engraving machine and a CNC engraving machine. It is going to give a big time challenge to Snapmaker, a recently launched 3-in-1 printer on Kickstarter.

Stayed tune for more following information about CP-01! Creality has released its pre-sale news on various platforms and it is coming to your hands very soon.

Update [5th Sep 2019]-

Creality CP-01 3-in-1 3D printer with laser engraving and CNC carving price is out and you can pre-order at Bangood US store for $599USD.  You can also order Creality CP-01 from Creality store directly at the same price for US warehouse. 

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