5 Cool IoT Projects You Can Build Using Arduino MKR 1400 Right Away

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Arduino MKR 1400 is the first ever board created by Arduino team which is fully capable of building any IoT product from scratch. Arduino MKR 1400 combines the functionality of the powerful Arduino Zero and global GSM connectivity. It is the ideal solution for makers and builder wanting to design IoT projects with minimal previous experience in networking. Arduino MKR 1400 provides global 3G GSM connectivity with powerful Microchip ATSAMD21 and U-blox SARA-U201 GSM module. The ultra low power consumption and secure crypto element combined with the SARA-U201 module make it ideal for building any connected application or IoT project.

1. SmartAgro – Smart Agriculture Monitoring Project

SmartAgro allows the user to easily implement a fleet of devices on the field that is being monitored. These devices take samples from the sensors at defined intervals of time. The data is then logged to a csv file on an SD card and sent to the backend where the data is visualised on a dashboard. The project consists of a front-end and a backend.

SmartAgro is great example of using sensors and Arduino MKR 1400 to build a smart agriculture monitoring and alert system. To know more about SmartAgro and build your own Smart Agriculture project using Arduino MKR 1400 follow the detailed tutorial here – https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/LightPro/smartagro-e46213?ref=part&ref_id=50608&offset=1

2. Cellular IoT Data Visualisation Project

Do you want to collect and visualise data from a battery operated IoT sensor over a cellular connection? If yes, then you must try this project which uses Arduino MKR 1400 board and SORACOM IoT sim and connectivity platform to build a cellular IoT data visualisation.  Follow this tutorial o build your IoT sensor visualisation project – https://www.hackster.io/alexis-susset/arduino-mkr-gsm-1400-cellular-iot-data-visualisation-9fa295

3.  Environmental Monitoring Project

This project uses an Arduino MKR GSM 1400, an antenna, a battery pack, one iot data SIM card, the MKR ENV Shield, and a free account on Arduino IoT Cloud. This project will show you how you can acquire environmental data by using the MKR ENV Shield and show it on a web page of the Arduino Cloud. The data is collected and sent to the Arduino Cloud by the MKR GSM 1400 board that acts as a host for the shield and performs all the communications tasks.

By making this project you will learn how to read the data from the various sensors available on the ENV Shield, and you also learn how to visualise data on the widgets available in the Arduino Cloud – https://www.hackster.io/Arduino_Genuino/your-environmental-data-on-arduino-iot-cloud-4e29bf

4. WaterAid – Smart Water Project

This project will allow you to monitor the world’s rivers and lakes through a collaborative cloud allowing you to monitor any body of water with a fleet of devices. In this project, the individual can carry the device with them and when they wish to take a water sample, they press on a button on the device and place it in water for 30 seconds. The data will then be available on an online dashboard. By collecting water temperature, pH and humidity as well as atmospheric temperature and humidity, WaterAid is packed with all the sensors you would need to monitor the pollution of the river. Follow here – https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/LightPro/wateraid-13b168?ref=part&ref_id=50608&offset=8

5. Control Two Relays with an SMS

This is very interesting project that will shows you how to control a MKR Relay Shield using a MKR GSM 1400 and the Short Message Service (SMS); this solution works with a plain SIM with no data plan and it is suitable for applications where the GSM network is with poor coverage. You can connect you relay to any real world high voltage appliance to control it remotely. Follow this tutorial to build your relay project – https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/Arduino_Genuino/control-two-relays-with-an-sms-7c0eb2?ref=part&ref_id=50608&offset=11

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