Wia Announces Their First Hardware Product For Makers – The Dot One

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Internet of things are growing a rapid rate. Companies like Particle, PyCOM, Intel, RaspberryPi are building IoT boards for maker to quickly prototype and build IoT applications and take it to market. Arduino, my all time favourite, has also launched IoT enabled board MKR board series in 2018 and keep adding more features and connectivity to it.

Recently, Wia, an Internet of Things startup, who provides an excellent IoT cloud platform, has launched a new hardware product called Dot One for enabling makers to quickly prototype IoT application. The Dot One is designed as an entry level piece of kit for kids and makers who want to learn electronics and create their own inventions. The product is built on top of the Wia Cloud which is being used by developers in more than 100 countries and comes pre-configured for the platform out of the box.

wia iot

Dot One is built on top of ESP32 wifi module and provides Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Major features of the Dot One board includes –

  • Dual-core 32-bit processor
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth v4.2
  • Easy to use, plug and play sensors
  • Pre-configured for the Wia Cloud
  • Programmable over-the-air, no software required
  • Cryptographic hardware accelerated security

wia dot one

With the Dot One board, Wia also provides modular sensors which can be directly attached to board like a shield and sense the data around you. The cloud platform features of Wia like Flow Builder, Drag & drop coding and various out of the box integrations speeds up the development.

Technical Specs

dot-one-back dot-one-front


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