Pycom’s PyLife Sneak Preview is Out on Kickstarter and It Looks Awesome

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Pycom has done a brilliant job from last couple of years in terms of bring really powerful IoT devices to market. Pycom FiPy is the only board in market today with has 5 communication module in built. And not just development board Pycom has broad range of software product around the hardware to ease the development process and provides a full suite of IoT development. Over the air programming and mesh networking are top of the self features available to Pycom boards which is very unique.

Last month Pycom had made an announcement that they are launching a consumer product on Kickstart this month. After a week delay, the product preview is live on kickstarter for feedback and final version will be live somewhere in November.

Pylife is an amalgamation of all that Pycom technology that is now presented for consumers in an open eco-system that will allow all Pycom developers too. It is enterprise-ready, It has a charge cradle for IoT applications, open APIs and hardware casing specifications available so developer and maker and build products on top of pylife.


Pylife is an end to end platform which allows people to connect with each other and allow them to connect things to each other under a single platform. PyGo devices connects to your Pylife mobile app and you can see everything in one place.  PyGo devices support 5 network for connectivity along with mesh network support, so you are never out of range.

With Pylife, you can monitor and communicate with everything around you. This includes loved ones, pets, your home, the garden and even the shed! You can also connect with your local community, so everyone is on the same page. After all, it’s the little things that make life easier.

Pylife comes with a digital dashboard for iPhones and Android phones that people can use to stay connected with all their loved ones, friends and things using our PyGo devices!

Pylife offers an extremely versatile experience in giving users the freedom to create their own use unique ‘Pyosphere’. With endless possibilities, we can’t even imagine how all the users will use Pylife.


Pylife App Features include the ability to

  • Link PyGos to your phone
  • Link PyGos your user account
  • Create Channels/write and create messages just like on other messaging platforms like Whatsapp or Messenger
  • Subscribe to channels/ stay up-to-date with different message streams
  • Invite others to your Channels and get your friends to keep in touch
  • Connect devices to each other or to the PyMesh
  • Select exactly what you want your PyGo to do e.g. (monitoring, communicating, tracking…etc)
  • Show and communicate the location of PyGo devices
  • Send a message to the community in the event you need help
  • Manage connectivity options



Core to Pylife is a small device called PyGo which support 5 communication network and makes you connected all the time. It enables communication between you and all of your precious people, pets and things.

pygo pygo

PyGo devices comes in two variants –

  • PyGo1 – non cellular device
  • PyGo2 – just like PyGo1 but with cellular network access added
  • Both devices have the same functionality and support the same features.


PyGo Features

  • Compact size Compatible with all accessories
  • OLED Display for messaging and alerts
  • 4 Configurable Touch Screen Functions
  • 2-5 days battery life and Wireless Charging.

The only difference is that PyGo2 can access mobile phone networks as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, PyMesh and GPS.

PyGo has been designed to sit unobtrusively on clothes, pet collars, as a necklace or attached to clothes or key rings.

The 5 types of PyGo attachments include:

  • A Sports Clip for attaching to clothes
  • A Child Clip for attaching to clothes
  • A Jewellery Clip for wearing as an accessory
  • A Carabiner for use with pet collars and as bag attachment
  • A bicycle Clip for attaching to a variety of bikes
  • A Keyfob for key rings or pet collars

pygo pygo pygo pygo

Pylife and PyGo will be available for backing in November on kickstarter with huge discounts for early backers. Go get your Pylife.


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