Pycom Software and Cloud Platform – PyMakr, PyBytes & PyMate

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As we discussed earlier in our 3 series article on building blocks of an IoT product that the 3rd part, the Cloud Service is a very essential piece of any IoT product. Most users interact with the IoT product via the cloud service and as a development team, you manage your device fleet also via the cloud service. Pycom understands this very well and they have launched PyBytes for the same reason to manage your device fleet.

PyMakr and PyMate are some other software released by Pycom to ease the development process by enabling developers to quickly program and troubleshoot the Pycom board. PyMakr is Pycom’s plugin for various IDEs and PyMate is a mobile app to manage and control the Pycom board.



Instead of building their own IDE, Pycom has decided to build a generic plugin for all popular IDEs available in the market. PyMakr is a plugin which is currently supported in AtomSublimeVisual Studio Code and PyCharm which serves the purpose of code editor for Pycom boards.



PyMate is an iOS and Android app from pycom to manage your Pycom boards from a widget-based mobile app on the go. PyMate can help you connect with your router and read real-time values from your sensors. You can use graph widgets to plot sensor values in Line or Bar chart etc. You can also control LEDs, relay and more from the app directly.

The best part is it also gives you a python REPL from which you can change and upload new code to the device. All of your devices are automatically synced between all of your logged in phones and tablets.



PyBytes is the middleware platform from Pycom to manage all your device fleet under one unified dashboard. You simply need to hook your Pycom board by following the configuration instruction provided in the wizard and you can immediately see your device and data coming from your device on the portal.

PyBytes is very powerful and Pycom is continuously adding more and more features to make it easy and usable for a large set of use cases. One feature which I like the most is that I can set up alerts on a particular device or group of devices. For example, to notify when battery life is below 25%.

PyBytes is not a closed system and they are opening various integration channels with  Google, MS Azure, and AWS etc. for you to push your device data to other platforms for analysis.

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