Pycom Extension Board and Sensor Shields PySense and PyTrack

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In our previous article, we discussed how Pycom is building a new generation Internet of Things platform by providing IoT development board, various communication options to select from, development software and a cloud platform for device management so on and so forth.

Pycom has also launched a general purpose expansion board and a couple of sensor shields to get started with the development quickly. These extension boards are compatible with all the versions of Pycom boards – WiPy, LoPy, SiPy, GiPy, and FiPY.

Let me tell you again that Pycom FiPy is the only IoT development board available in the market today which has 5 communication modules to select from. These are WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE CAT/NB-IoT, LoRa, and Sigfox. You can use FiPy to build a nano-gateway for LoRa network.

Pycom Expansion Board


As the name suggests, the pycom expansion board extends your Pycom development board functionality. It has a USB jack to help you upload MicroPython code your board. LiPo connector to power your board from LiPo battery and also LiPo battery charger (BQ24040), with options for two different charging currents (100mA and 450mA).

It also provides a MicroSD card slot for reading/writing to MicroSD from the board. There are various LEDs on the board e.g. power LED and Charge LED for showing charge status. There is also a USER LED and a switch for resetting the board. You will also find a lot of jumpers on the board, mainly for the purpose of enabling/disabling various features present on the board.

PySense Sensor Shield


PySense is another very interesting extension shield for all Pycom family boards which extends the board functionality to sensing the physical world. PySense has an onboard ambient light sensor, barometric pressure sensor, humidity sensor, 3 axis 12-bit accelerometer and Temperature sensor. Basic features of expansion board like MicroSD support, LiPo battery charger and USB port for uploading the code are also present on the board.

PyTrack Sensor Shield


Similar to PySense, PyTrack is another excellent sensor shield for Pycom family boards which has a super accurate GPS (GNSS+Glonas) inbuilt on the board. It also has a 3 axis 12-bit accelerometer making it a perfect board for building any IoT based tracking application quickly without much hassle. Similar to PySense board it also has MicroSD support, LiPo battery charger and USB port for uploading the code.

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