Particle Mesh is Arriving Soon, Pre-order your Kit

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    Share has already made a mark in IoT industry by launching Photon and Electron IoT development kit and Particle cloud. Particle’s all in one solution helps you to quickly get in started building your IoT project and make it live. Before discussing Particle mesh let me give an overview or various IoT development board Particle family has.

Photon was the first development board launched by Particle which has got tremendous support from the developer community and enterprises for ease of using and building IoT product on top of it. Backed by a powerful 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3 micro-controller and Broadcom Wi-Fi chip in a tiny thumbnail-sized module called the PØ (P-Zero) connectivity support on the board, Photon was one of the smallest and powerful boards available in the industry for IoT development.

particle photon

To support cellular connectivity, Particle launched Electron, another addition to Particle family which quickly became very popular for its cellular connectivity and Particle sim global coverage plan. Built on the same powerful micro-controller STM32 ARM Cortex M3, Electron also added industry-leading u-blox GSM and LTE modules. From prototyping hardware to mass production modules to global cellular connectivity and cloud services provided end to end building from the first prototype to mass production.

particle electron

Particle Mesh

A large mesh network of sensors talking to each other and passing information is the need of all modern IoT development. Be it a factory or a car, various sensors talk to each other and make the complete system very effective. Particle has launched Particle Mesh, essentially allows you to create large mesh networks of sensors, letting you connect multiple disparate devices together wirelessly in order to collect a wider range of data.

Backed by the Argon (Wifi, Bluetooth, Mesh), the Boron (LTE, Bluetooth, Mesh), and the Xenon (Bluetooth, Mesh), allow you to create a powerful network of mesh over cellular connectivity gateway or wifi connectivity gateway. Xenon acts as the mesh device which is connected to sensors. Multiple Xenon devices form a mesh network which runs on an open mesh networking standard released by the Thread Group. Finally, the mesh network is connected to either Wifi (Argon) or Cellular (Boron) gateway to take it to online.

The mesh network protocol used by Particle called  OpenThread, is an open source implementation of Thread® released by Nest.

Particle Mesh pricing builds on existing Wi-Fi and cellular Device Cloud pricing. All Particle customers get 10 free gateway upgrades to support prototyping and evaluation of Particle Mesh. After the first 10 upgrades, Particle will charge an additional monthly fee beyond baseline Device Cloud pricing for Argon and Boron devices acting as gateways within a Particle Mesh network. Adding mesh-only devices (Xenons) to your network and all local communications between mesh devices are free.

With 10 free gateway upgrades, you could build

  • One giant network of 100+ devices
  • Ten different networks of 10+ devices
  • Five different networks with redundant gateways (Ethernet + Cellular backup, for example)

Particle mesh is being shipped in September 2018 and currently being put on pre-order. I would highly recommend all my reader to get a kit for yourself as it is going to be really fun working with Particle mesh.

Get Particle Mesh Kit

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